YES Data Solutions

YES Data Solutions is a team of talented, highly skilled and dedicated professionals with extensive academic and industrial experience, that provides tailor-made solutions in the field of data science. Our services range from consultancy and model development and validation to data analyses and delivery of specialised trainings and courses.

In the field of data science, our toolbox includes a wide palette of state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning techniques in application areas ranging from finance and insurance to medicine and biology. Our emphasis is on robust, transparent and interpretable methods that generalise to new settings and data, and yield non-trivial and useful insights, that can be directly translated into informed policy- and decision-making.

Specialised trainings and courses we provide cover both the fundamentals of modern statistical and machine learning techniques, such as regression, classification, learning for high-dimensional and complex models, PCA, as well as more specialised topics, e.g. time series analysis and stochastic calculus. Our customisable educational solutions are aimed at specific needs of the user, and cultivate structured thinking, understanding, and efficiency.

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